How to Gain Some Extra Money (Crypto) and Passive Income with Vita Inu — Part 2

4 min readNov 23, 2022


The below article is an additional article on how to gain a little extra “money” and some passive income with Vita Inu.
First article:

What is Vita Inu?

Vita Inu (VINU) is a cryptocurrency. VINU is a token on the VITE blockchain. VITE transactions are free and feeless which, in my opinion, is a massive advantage in the cryptocurrency world since sending and receiving VINU (and other tokens on VITE) is free.

Learn more about Vita Inu and links to socials:
Learn more about VITE:

Guide to Extra Money (Crypto):

I went into some great details about how to gain extra money and passive income with my first article below:

Today I am just going to talk about the new faucet game on the VITA INU Discord server called VINUQUEST (

To gain access to game:

  1. Join Discord (link above)
  2. You need to have both the @Chunky Boi and @Vinusquad Reward roles to play this game. The @Chunky Boi role allows you to view the channels (but not play the game).
  • The @Chunky Boi can be gained by just messaging/talking in the discord server. Join the server and have a few conversations and you should get this role
  • The @Vinusquad Reward role will take a bit longer to get. This was outlined in my “Part 1” article but you are going to have to join the VINU SQUAD and do enough tasks for the week to get that role (and you get rewards VINU for doing those tasks)

3. You now want to head over to the VINUQUEST Section of discord.

  • Game Announcements Channel is where you will find all the commands needed for the game as well as any announcements/updates about it.
  • Area-1 and Area-2 channels are for playing the game and running and game related commands
  • The Campsite channel is for chatting about the game with your fellow discord members
  • Game Support channel is for support

4. Once you review the game announcements and the pinned post in the channel for all the commands and then head over to one of the Area channels to play! Below is a list of the current commands. These will get updated in the Discord server as the game expands so please review the current commands in the Discord server.

The game is simple (for now).

- Dig for bones.

- Trade bones for $VINU (you need minimum 5 bones to trade)

List of commands:

- Use the /help command to see the list of commands

- Use /tos to view the Terms of Service of this bot

- Use /dig to find bones (currently you can use this once every 4 hours)

- Use /inventory to check your inventory

- Use /store to sell bones for $VINU

The game commands can be used in area-1 or area-2 (there is no difference between the channels)

More expansions are planned for this game:

- PvE: Battle monsters together to earn even more $VINU

- PvP: Battle with, or steal from, other players

- More in-game items that increase the number of bones you get, increase attack/defense/health/etc

- And more!

5. You can easily get a few million VINU daily from playing this game!

6. Enjoy!

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