How to Gain Some Extra Money (Crypto) and Passive Income with Vita Inu

5 min readSep 7, 2022


The below article is a little extra “money” and some passive income with Vita Inu.

What is Vita Inu?

Vita Inu (VINU) is a cryptocurrency. VINU is a token on the VITE blockchain. VITE transactions are free and feeless which, in my opinion, is a massive advantage in the cryptocurrency world since sending and receiving VINU (and other tokens on VITE) is free.

Learn more about Vita Inu and links to socials:
Learn more about VITE:

Guide to Extra Money (Crypto):

  1. Join the VINU Discord Server: (create a new account if you don’t have one). On a personal note, Discord can be very overwhelming at first for new users. This is the same for EVERYONE! Don’t be discouraged and ask questions if you need help in the servers you join. Usually someone is happy to help.
  2. Once you verify on the server, head to the #reaction-roles channel and I suggest taking the following roles:
  • VINUSQUAD Role → This is the most important role to take and will get you the most side money. I will fully explain this below.
  • Announcements Role → This will just let you know what is going on in the community with major announcements. Some announcements will directly involve how you can get more crypto with your VINU
  • Events and Giveaways Role → This role will allow you to get notified on all the events and giveaways that run on the server. They have giveaways in the 🎁-giveaways-and-events channel as well as a ton of events that happen all the time.
  • If you speak other languages you can also take the language roles for those communities as well. This will open an text channel for those communities as well

3. Now that you have the above roles, I would also suggest you getting used to the server, checking out the channels but you want to head over to #📚-squad-guide channel to get started with the VINU Squad, learn how the system works so you can maximize your side money income (Update Sept 2022: You need to talk in the server for a bit before you can submit tasks now. This was added to avoid account spamming for rewards. You need to get the Chunky Boi role before you can submit a task. Approximately 20–30 server messages should get you this role as long as they are full sentences.)

4. The basic premise of the VINU Squad is as follows:

  • A task will get posted in the #💻-squad-tasks channel. Most of the time this is a Twitter post
  • You will need to click the link to the Twitter post and then Like and Retweet that post
  • Take a screenshot your Like and Retweet and post it in the #📷-squad-proofs
  • A team member will review your task proof and approve it if done properly
  • At the end of the period (usually done on Mondays) a VINU tip will go out to all users that completed a certain percentage of tasks in that given week. I suggest you keep on top of the #📢-squad-announcements and the other server announcements as the prizes for the weekly tasks do change from time to time so that is why I am not posting what the rewards are for the weekly tasks, as I am sure this would get dated soon

5. Any VINU you receive will go to the tipbot we have on the server. This acts as personal crypto wallet for yourself in Discord for the VITE blockchain

6. Congrats! You are now gaining a little side money on the side! See below for extra ways and the passive income I will suggest to do with your VINU

Passive Income:

  1. Regular Staking pools are put up on various platforms. The “best” ones are the ones natively on VITE Blockchain. I suggest you keep an eye out on these sites for new pools. Pools are free to add your tokens to, some might have lock periods but you will NEVER lose any crypto entering these pools. Keep your eye out on these sites: and

Example of Current Pools on VITC Stake:

2. Sometimes VINU will also do pools on various exchanges VINU is listed on (CEX). Keep an eye out on the announcements channel on Discord or VINU’s other social accounts for these announcements.

If you enter these pools, these are usually on BEP-20 chain (bridged VINU to BSC) so make sure you know this might have fees and minimum withdraw amounts.

3. You can also gain extra income adding liquidity to Liquidity Pools (LP). I would suggest doing a lot of research into how LPs work and fully understand impermanent loss.

Other Ways to Gain Free VINU:

  1. Events! VINU runs a lot of events. The more you enter the more you will possibly be able to win. These events take anywhere from 10 seconds to 5–10mins to usually enter. You have nothing to lose to enter so I suggest you participate in all the ones you can. Keep and eye on Discord event announcement channel and VINU’s other socials
  2. Being active in Discord. The more you hang out in Discord the more VINU you can win/receive. Constant giveaways, rains, airdrops and tips are happening. Hang out!
  3. Part 2 of this article (updated Nov. 2022):

Other Links and Guides:

  1. New to staking on VITE? No problem. Follow the link below for a guide (please note the guide uses screenshots for VIVA staking pool, but it is the same concept/instructions for VITC Stake):
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