Banano Poker Tournament

5 min readSep 11, 2021


Have you ever been playing poker and felt the rush of excitement when you go all in? The amazing feeling when you win that hand? The disappointment when you lose? Have you ever played in a poker tournament? Have you ever wanted to play in a poker tournament? Have you ever decided to bluff a really bad hand? And won that hand? …. but have you done it for Banano? If you answer yes or any of these questions, or no as it doesn’t really matter but wanted to play no limit holdem, then we got the event for you! The first ever Banano Texas holdem tournament.

When: Sunday September 26th at 00:30 AM UTC

Registration Ends: Monday September 20th at 06:00 AM UTC

Prizes: 6000 BANANO
1st Place: 1500 Ban + Rare CryptomonKey NFT
2nd Place: 1000 Ban
3rd Place: 500 Ban

+CryptomonKey NFTs for top 19 players and Bansplits for the rest of the players.

All Banano Discord members can participate

Instructions to Join the Tournament:

Part 1a — Downloading the Application/Creating an account:

  1. Go to, download and install application. Please note we are not using (this is the same company but has real money play). *Note: some countries will re-direct you to, this is the same site and ok to use.
  2. Create an account or Login with existing account. Agree to any terms as needed.
  3. When you first create an account, 50k “free chips” should be given to you. You are going to need 20k to join the Tournament. You can gain 15k more “free chips” every 4 hours by clicking the “free chips” button at the top-right of the screen. You are going to need 20k to join the tournament. Make sure you have at least 20k for the tournament. (I would recommend collection over 60k if we have several rounds.)

Part 1b — Joining the Poker Group:

  1. Click on “Home Game” on the right
Step 1 (also shows how to get free chips)

2. Press the Join a Poker Club Button

Step 2

3. Fill in the Home Game details as needed:

  • Club ID: #4804891
  • Club name: Banano19
  • Invitation Code: Benis19!
Step 3

Done Part 1. At this point I will have to manually approve you to the group. This will not be done until after Part 2 is done:

Proceed to part 2

Part 2 — Fill out Google Form:

Fill out this Google Form

Part 3 — Join the Game After Registrations Close:

After registrations close, you will receive a message from an event organizer that can join the game.

You MUST do this before the event begins or you will not be able to join late.

  1. Once accepted into the Poker Club; Open PokerStars
  2. Click on “Home Game” on the right
  3. Click “Open Club Lobby”
Step 2 and 3

4. In the club lobby, click the Schedule Tab

5. Find the game listed

6. Register on the right

Steps 4–6 above

Congratulations!!! You are ready to go!

Join Us: During the event please join us English voice channel or #event-room (Or in your respective language channel.)

Make sure you are signed into PokerStars at the scheduled time the tournament should automatically open when it starts. You can also open the tournament lobby to see your status and all the event information.

If you are having any issues, please reach out the organizing team on discord. SSJ4Link#8807 (English), Phantoad#4762 (Spanish/English) or Kohado#4959 (Portuguese/English)


This is a gambling program for poker; we are going to use “Free Play.” If you are going to gamble with real money, the Banano Team is not responsible for any losses. Gamble responsible. Please note we are NOT using the money version site ( Banano Team -including myself, SSJ4Link, and anyone else that helped organize this tournament- is not responsible for any issues that happen with the application or joining the event.

What the Fork is BANANO?

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